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Looking for a certified public accountant? We are committed to the best accounting services for your individual needs. But don't just take our word for it: read what our past and present clients have to say about our services.

"Michelle took over my account after Liberty Tax had mucked it up so bad they had me owing the Tax People $55,000. I had no idea what to do and was very upset and was getting no help from Liberty Tax. I was referred to Michelle by other professionals, she saw their error immediately, and I believe I may even have a refund. It's not over yet, but at least she hasn't abandoned me like those other tax people did!"

-Cheryl Burnette, Santa Rosa, Ca

"For over 30 years, Michelle has provided tax services for my mother, who passed away recently. As mom developed Alzheimer's I had to step in and handle all her affairs, including dealing with her taxes. Michelle had a very difficult task in sorting out mom's various accounts and I looked at it as very daunting, approaching the challenge with much trepidation. Thankfully, Michelle proved effortless to work with, extremely adept in figuring out quickly what was what and helping me sort out the details of moms estate. She is down to earth, funny, extremely capable and deals with her clients in an easy-to-understand manner. I couldn't recommend her highly enough for your accounting and tax needs. A+++."

-Susan Young, Oakley, CA

"It really pays to hire a CPA with the professionalism of Michelle Matlin. She helped my family work through a complicated situation with a trust for 4 long years, encouraging us every step of the way. She is not only knowledgeable in her field, but has empathy for what a family experiences when one is placed in the role of trustee, She has saved us money, heartache and time. I can't recommend her highly enough."

-Debbie Tong, Walnut Creek

"I love her! Michelle provides personal tax services for me, my partner, my mother -- as well as corporate tax services for my fledgling engineering consulting business. Michelle knows her stuff and can rattle off this and that deduction, or cite various rules and regulations. It's not just the accounting services that propels her to next level; she dispenses invaluable advice to prepare you for the coming year. I am simply amazed at the stuff in her head. And she's a nice person to boot!"

-Linda D., Oakland, CA

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