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May 30 2017
Where's Michelle?!

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Right after April 15th there are always several people who ask me "What are you going to do with all your free time"?  Rest assured CPAs, including yours truly, do more than income taxes!  We do financial and retirement planning, prepare complex estate tax returns (my personal favorite), deal with the few extensions we filed for clients, take care of the monthly business accounting, and yes, go back to our regular work schedules.   

For my office that means back to Monday through Thursday 9-5 and Fridays by appointment.  Rachel gets to go back to school and her BS degree course work. 

As for yours truly, I get to complete all the household projects that piled up from January 1 through April 15th, attend a few days of professional education to keep up on the ever changing tax laws, and most importantly, get some R&R and work on my favorite charity projects! 

Below is a sample of some of my more interesting activities for the summer, if you are wondering "Where's Michelle"? 

R&R scheduled

April 23-30, St. Maarten. I always take a week for a beach vacation after April 15th and some friends of ours bought a snorkel shop on the Dutch side of St Maarten vs. St Martin French side.  My husband Dan went diving with his dive buddy while the wife & I basically hung out relaxing.  I can’t imagine living on such a tiny island!

June 10-17, I’m tagging along with my Dive Master husband Dan and his “Live Bait Scuba Club” for a week long dive trip to Grand Cayman.  While they are spending a week in the water if I’m not relaxing poolside (no scuba for me, tried it and did NOT like it!) I’ll be hanging out at the Cayman Turtle Farm; who needs scuba when you can snorkel in a pond with yearling sea turtles in Turtle Lagoon! Check out their website

August 15-25, Iceland!  Dan and I will make our third trip to this wonderful country.  We have some close friends we travel with and the four of us will be touring the Iceland “Ring Road”.  Stops along the way include viewing wild reindeer, touring lava tubes & ice caves, and diver Dan will scuba in a lake and dive between the North American and European continental shelves! Yes I will be on land!

And finally throughout baseball season you’ll find me enjoying my second favorite baseball team, (sorry guys, once a Cub fan always a Cub fan), the Oakland A’s in our season seats in the Plaza deck behind home plate at the Alameda County Coliseum.

 Community Service/Volunteerism

 Who says all work and no play?  If you enjoy what you do work is fun, especially if you are working for a cause you believe in!

June 3 –9 th, you’ll find me working as a Roadie (volunteer crew) on the AIDS LifeCycle, a 545 mile bike ride from SF to LA!  My 10 months younger sister Valerie, who comes all the way here from Naples Florida, and I make up Sweep Team “Irish Twins” and drive my minivan along the route “rescuing’ broken down or just plain pooped riders.  For more information on AIDS LifeCycle please visit; you can even make a donation to a participant!

July 8-9, I’ll be participating in my 14th annual Avon Walk to End Breast Cancer in memory of my dear friend Betty and in honor of my Aunt Darlene and many of my survivor Friends!  Over the past 14 years I have been fortunate to raise over $52,000 for the Avon Foundation and over that time they have raised over $60 Million in the Bay Area (and it stays in the area!) for breast cancer efforts from funding research and a cancer treatment center at SF General to a mobile mammogram unit for underserved women to contributing to Project Open hand, an organization staffed by cancer survivors providing balanced meals to those undergoing treatment and unable to properly care for themselves.

 This year I will again dress in pink, decorate my SUV with pink ribbons, signs, etc., and work with an Avon Staffer patroling the end of the 2 day 39.3 mile (that's a marathon and ½) route assuring all walkers and crew have sufficient food, water, care, and above all moral support to complete the 2 day event.  If you'd like more information on the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer please visit; be sure to check out my participant page.

 Rest assured, the above activities do not mean I'm not available to you should you need emergency accounting services J; you can always reach me on my cell phone (even out of the country) and by email!  Thank you for being part of A GRERAT LIFE DOING WHAT I LOVE!


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